Sunday, January 17, 2010

hello internets

My name is Michelle.

I'm an anesthesiologist in Atlanta, Georgia. Before that, I was an Anesthesia resident at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital in New York City, and before that, I spent two years as a Pediatrics resident at the Children's Hospital of New York, because like Whitney Houston, I believe that children are our future. The institution where I currently work is a tertiary care community hospital, but be warned that for privacy reasons, all my stories concerning the hospital may have names, places, and identifying features omitted or changed.

Outside of work, in what is known as "real life," I live with my husband Joe (an oculoplastic surgeon) and our two sons Cal (born July 2005) and Mack (born January 2009). We also have a wayward canine, Cooper, who was our practice child until we had some real human ones.

A long time ago, I used to go to Hunter College High School, an institution for nerds who think they're cool. Then I went to Wellesley College, an institution for women who think they're womyn. Those were the days.

The Underwear Drawer is an online journal that I started October 2000 during my second year of medical school, because I felt like the medical education process had sapped every last drop of creative energy from my being. Writing a blog, or an online journal (as they were called at the time) was at least one step up from making elaborate, multi-colored study guides that I would never use again...but a very small step. Unfortunately, what no one ever told me was that after the first year of medical school, no one will ever expect you to know the the Krebs cycle again. So, to all future and present medical students, consider yourself one step ahead.

This site is called "The Underwear Drawer" because that's where I used to hide my journal back when I didn't know any better. Unfortunately, this name also attracts a lot of porn-seeking web surfers. Hello, porn aficionados!

Still have question marks in your eyes? Check out the FAQs page for some answers. You can also e-mail me, but don't be sad if I don't e-mail back. I love hearing from readers but am very, very bad about returning correspondence. So please consider this an apology in advance.

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